Scarf Wars

Compared to yesterday’s blizzarding wind and snow, the weather this morning felt almost peaceful. It was cold and grey, but quiet. Only a few flakes of snow drifted down while we shoveled the remains of last night’s storm off the plaza. So when Adam and I started work on the foredeck this morning—we’re cutting scarf joints in some of the deck planks—I only set up one heater, and I didn’t even bother to wear my gloves.

Well before lunchtime, I was regretting both decisions.  Soon, Adam and I had a second heater running. When that still wasn’t enough to fight the steadily dropping temperature, we took a break from our scarf joints to dig up a third heater from a dusty corner of the basement.

Adam’s professional assessment of the weather? “Ideal carpentry conditions,” he joked, while thawing his frozen fingers in front of one of our heaters.

And because he’s a considerate boss, he’s warned us all about the dangers of prolonged exposure to the cold—he reminds us every time we go outside that our Tauntauns will freeze before we reach the first marker.

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