US Brig NIAGARA needs your support to thrive as a fully operational sailing ship. While donations to the ship’s sailing fund are always key, each year volunteers make invaluable contributions to the maintenance and operation of the ship.

Holystoning the DecksAs one can expect there is a lot of ongoing maintenance needed to keep NIAGARA in ship-shape condition. While NIAGARA is sailing the crew maintains the ship. When she is berthed for the winter, maintenance is done by the professional crew still on staff and a core of volunteers who work with the professionals. These maintenance volunteers earn credit to be used toward tuition to sail on the ship as a trainee during the summer. Each hour of service donated toward maintaining the ship is valued at $20.00 credit toward tuition for one of our sailing programs.  One thing is for certain – there is always something to do and something going on down at the NIAGARA site.


Interested in pitching in?  Call or email the Chief Mate, at chiefmate@flagshipniagara.org or (814) 452 – BRIG extension 211.

Or visit the museum on any Saturday between 9am and 4pm, and ask to speak with the Chief Mate about volunteering.

3 Responses to Volunteer!

  1. Kenneth Muller says:

    I need an 1812 us navy officer uniform for an upcoming event in Virginia

  2. Thomas Hankins says:

    How does one volunteer as a ships surgeon? I have a complete set of period surgical instruments and medicines. I am a reenactor with 27 years experience in both Civil War as a surgeon and Revolutionary War as a Continental Soldier and Colonial Surgeon.

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