I Can See Your House From Here . . . .

Captain Sabatini describes the Battle of Lake Erie from an unparalleled vantage point at the top of the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, with Niagara and the Battle site visible below.

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Out for a Row.


There really aren’t many things more pleasant than a little boating at sunset.

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Hello Cleveland!


As part of Niagara’s History Under Sail program, we’ve just pulled in to Cleveland.  Niagara (1813) is behind and to the left of the William G Mather (1925.)  A century makes a big difference sometimes!

Note the orange and white flag on the mainmast, which we’re told makes us visible to low-flying aircraft from the nearby airport.

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Trainees aloft reefing topsails


What’s a “trainee”?  Where’s “aloft”?  What are “topsails” and why do you “reef” them?

Come here and find out!


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Welcome to the 2016 College History Program!

It’s time to start the music!  It’s time to light the lights!  It’s time to kick off Niagara’s 2016 voyaging season with our History under Sail program!

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A misty Erie morning


Chief Mate and Relief Captain David “Foggy” Goldman contemplates the prospect of getting underway in restricted visibility on Friday the 13th.  Luckily, the fog cleared and the sail was able to go on as planned.

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Gotta Keep it Regulated.


Documents, permits and credentials arrayed on the wardroom table for Niagara’s annual Coast Guard Inspection.

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