Day Two on The Great Lakes

“July 8th, 2011

1841 hours

I am a member of the Alpha Watch on the Brig Niagara. It is our second full day out on the Great Lakes. We have learned a lot in this short amount of time about the sails, lines, knots, and orders. My hands have already become callused from tugging on the manila ropes during our watch. Today started with a shift beginning at 11 o’clock last night and ended around three in the morning. We motored through the St. Clair River and into Lake Huron around two. I was ordered on watch while passing through St. Clair. The river was surprisingly hectic with fishermen and other vessels passing by along the shoreline. Other fishermen weren’t so anxious to get out of the way of the massive Niagara and refused to give up their fishing spots. Captain Wes halted the boat to a stop and burst out a loud five horns from the bow of the boat. The fisherman still trolled along at a slow pace. Another five horns and a call to the Coast Guard made sure those fishermen were out of our path. We reached into the darkness of Huron and were quickly far away from shore once again. When the sun came up I fell fast asleep in my hammock and was only awake for breakfast and lunch. Then another Alpha watch began after lunch. In the midst of the heat of the afternoon, Captain Wes called an all hands on deck and ordered a swim call! We swam and showered in the crisp, cold waters of Huron. Not a boat or piece of land around. The water was so clear with a deep blue to the color. The visibility was unbelievable. We then finished off our watch and had dinner. I write with my free time and sleep when I can. It has been only two days, but feels like a whole summer! Can’t wait for more adventures ahead!

– Brooks Pinnick “

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1 Response to Day Two on The Great Lakes

  1. Brooks, A very clear and charming description of your second full day, and I enjoyed your fresh and honest approach to your adventure.

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