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Ware Ship Animation Video

Here’s a great animated description of how to ware the Niagara. Senior Captain Walter Rybka worked many hours burning the midnight oil consulting and providing guidance toward the production of this animated short film. Many thanks to Edinboro University and … Continue reading

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Come Sail on Niagara This Summer!

Watch this short Public Service Announcement/ television commercial to learn about sailing as a trainee on Niagara.

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The Ship’s Log is Back!

I apologize to anyone who’s been looking forward to updates about Niagara, her crew, activities onboard, etc… I’ve been too busy over the last year to keep up with the blog. I’m hoping to expand authorship of the blog to … Continue reading

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Ever Seen Niagara Hauled Out? Another Successful Drydocking- Fall 2006

I regret that I am rather late with this entry, but some of you may wish to see the flickr pics from shipyard and know what they are about. In the last drydocking in 2004, we replaced two planks (one … Continue reading

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A Quick and Dirty Seizing in Eight Minutes

Seizings are used to hold two pieces of rope together. The rope lanyards on a mast’s standing rigging are passed through a wooden deadeye, which is seized into the cable. The deadeye has three holes in it. Another deadeye is … Continue reading

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Come Aboard on a Virtual Day-Sail With Captain Walter Rybka!

Never been on a daysail? Check this out: it’s a 10 minute video that guides you through a typical daysail from arrival on the ship to the return to your car. Courtesy of the good folks in the film department … Continue reading

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Video- Check out “Niagara Rigged and Ready”

A short time-lapse film showing the Niagara cover being removed and the ship rigged up for the 2005 sailing season. Each year it takes about six weeks to make the ship ready for service. The crew, volunteers, and apprentices work … Continue reading

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Erie to Cleveland

July 10 to July 16, 2006  On July 10th we departed Erie toward Cleveland, Ohio. Although the passage was expected to be less than two days, we had provisions onboard for nearly a week. We had loaded about five tons … Continue reading

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Captain’s Report: 2006 Navigation and Operations Summary

Navigation Summary Total Distance: 1,741.5 NM Total Time of Passages: 446.5 hours (18.6 days) Average Speed: 3.9 knots Distance Sailed: 497.5 NM (29%) Distance Motored: 1244 NM (71%) Sailing Time: 162 hours–or- 6.75 days (36%) Motoring Time: 212.5 hours – … Continue reading

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