Exploring the Great Lakes – July 18th

CLEVELAND!  At around 0600 the Niagara docked in Cleveland, OH, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on one side and the sunrise on the other.  Also, the day before we had sailed off the dock at Put-In-Bay.  How cool is that?  No help from the modern engines, just man power – the original engine.  The crew had the pleasure of welcoming on new day-sail students, as well as some old friends and family members that came out to support them.  It’s so fun to watch the trainees share their new life with others, and watch the glow of excitement as they try to put the experience into words.  More shots were fired and the ship was returned safely to the dock after a couple hours of fine sailing.

After docking, the crew hightailed it over to see the USS Cod, a World War II submarine launched in 1943.  It is a beautiful submarine, and the crew have kept her in as original a condition as possible, complete with ladders and hatches that make maneuvering a little difficult at times. There were the original controls and furnishings, and even laundry machine from the 1940s!  (You can learn more about the Cod here: http://usscod.org/).

After the tour there and a quick dinner the crew visited the mecca of the rock world, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  You have never seen twenty-six more interested students.  From the very first level everyone seemed to be captivated.  The clothes, the history, the posters, the music.  These high school students were enveloped with the history of rock and roll, from its roots in soul and jazz to its turbulent beginnings and rocketing into American history. Even for those who did not particularly like rock music, the museum held enough interest and music to help them understand why rock is such a large part of the American culture.


Outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Photo credit: Veronica Bialas.)

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