Niagara Arrives in Bayfield, WI

After hoisting the boats at Isle Royale yesterday, we shook out the reefs in the tops’ls and spanker, set most of the ship’s sail area before screaming down Lake Superior, close hauled on a northwest breeze of 15-20 knots. The cold air that hovered in varying heights at times from 5 feet to 50 feet above the water created a buffer, which prevented the breeze from reaching the surface of the water. So we sailed fast on a glassy surface reaching speeds in excess of 9 knots for most of last night’s passage. Our average speed from Isle Royale to the Apostle Islands was around 8 knots, and we arrived this morning at “Outer Island” and spent most of the day sailing through the archipelago, arriving at Bayfield, WI this afternoon, shortly after our daily afternoon class session ended. Today,  Mr. Caswell Nilsen of Shadyside Academy in Pittsburg presented an excellent lecture and discussion on the role of economics, politics, and honor in the societies, governments, and characters that shaped the War of 1812. He led an active and interesting dialog, which showed that the students were truly engaged and considering the lesson carefully.

The students and crew appear in high spirits after several days of prime sailing. Tomorrow, I plan to sail for Devil’s Island, to send out the boats to row through the water-cut “sea” caves that line the shore of the island. We depart Bayfield around 10am tomorrow and will arrive in Duluth on the east wind, which is in the Wx forecast, on Thursday around 4pm.

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5 Responses to Niagara Arrives in Bayfield, WI

  1. Dave says:

    enjoy the posts very much; wonder how far the ship has sailed on any particular day and whats going on. How about some info on the pro crew.

  2. Sounds like incredible sailing weather. Glad to hear the students are learning about loyalty and integrity as these are qualities that are sorely lacking in today’s world. Are there any photos of the sea caves? What Created these caves, Just wind and current and the erosion of the rocks? Has anyone caught any fish? I am curious about Mr. Terry Harmon’s algae experiment ( University School teacher),AS Lake Erie is so shallow there are problems with algae blooms here, what about Lake Superior? I would guess the water temp is so cold there is not a problem. At any rate, it all sounds like all are having a grand time.

  3. Musa says:

    Would love to hear updates or see pictures!

  4. bill fenush says:

    we r looking foward to see the ship in erie in october.

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