Volunteer Apprecitation Party

Last Saturday we had party at the Sunset Inn which overlooks the channel that we come out of and go back in every time we leave and return to Erie.   It was well attended and a great time was had by all.  The Sam Hyman Band provided some music to dance to.  The staff and the Sunset provided some good food to eat.  Captain Heerssen made his wassail and eggnog which are both always crowd pleasers. 

We also gave out some awards which were:

1. Sea Daddy Award- presented to the volunteer or volunteer member of the board of trustees who provided guidance and leadership that had the greatest impact on the fulfillment of the FNL’s mission.  This award was presented to Brian Scott.
2. Handy Billy Award- presented to the volunteer whose contribution was the most useful and valuable in the service of the ship’s mission. It is the value of the service, not necessarily the quantity of hours that is considered.  This award was presented to Claudia Bankert.

3. Freshly Tarred Award- presented to the volunteer whose technical skills or knowledge of the ship have shown the most improvement and growth in the last year.  This award was presented to Beth Landers.

4. Sea Mouse Award- presented to a volunteer who is under the age of 18 and has either contributed the most volunteer service or shown the greatest dedication and achievement toward the practice of good seamanship.  This award was presented to Jamie Badams.

5. US Brig Niagara Volunteer Crewmember of the Year- presented to the ship’s volunteer crewmember who participated in winter sail training, and contributed greatly toward ship’s maintenance and frequently sailed as a crewmember.  This award was presented to John Stanford.

Once again, to all the volunteers, Thank You for all your support and help this year.  This program exists because of you.

About Billy Sabatini

I am the Chief Mate of the US Brig Niagara. I've been sailing on Niagara since 2005 and have held the position of Third Mate, Second Mate, Engineer and now Chief Mate. I am also a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and Tabor Academy and hold a 200 Near Coastal Master's License.
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1 Response to Volunteer Apprecitation Party

  1. Chris Cusson says:

    Looks like I missed a great party. Congrats to everyone and thank-you to all of our great volunteers.

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