Able Bodied Seaman – David Goldman (Goldie)

goldie-posingWhen I was 3 years old I picked out what became the best friend a boy could ever have.  He was a Golden Retriever who was my closest friend and companion until I was in High School.  I named this dog Goldie(I was 3).  I tell all of you this only so you can know the standards that our Goldie had to live up to in order to be called a name that I hold in such high regard.  So far he has not let me down.

Goldie is from Rochester, NY and grew up on Lake Ontario.  By the age of 4 months he had sailed across Lake Ontario on his parents boat.  While growing up he spent many summer cruising Lake Ontario.  Goldie also spent time in England as a sailing instructor while he and his family were living in London.  While in the Boy Scouts Goldie reached the level of Eagle Scout with a Lake Ontario based final service project. 

In 2003 Goldie started his career in tall ships on the schooner Victory Chimes.  This is the largest of all the Maine Windjammers sailing in the Penobscot Bay fleet.  Goldie also spent time sailing with South Street Seaport on Lettie G. Howard and a couple years with Ocean Classroom on the their 3 vessels.  He holds a 100 ton Near Coastal Master’s USCG License and an AB Special MMD. 

Because of a prior commitment Goldie was not able to join the ship until the beginning of June.  We then very soon after left for Toronto which was one of our hardest passages of the summer.  We were already by then a very close knit crew but Goldie had no trouble at all fitting into the mix due to his positive attitude and his infectious laugh.  Goldie’s laugh will most likely be heard by most of the ship’s company and usually they will end up joining in whether or not they know what the joke was.  

Goldie’s positive attitude and selfless dedication to the ship and the crew have made him an extremely valueable member of this crew both during the sailing season and the winter.  Goldie’s presence this winter has been instrumental in keeping such a strong volunteer core.  Rob and I could not have done it without him.  Trainees will enjoy working with Goldie again this summer.


About Billy Sabatini

I am the Chief Mate of the US Brig Niagara. I've been sailing on Niagara since 2005 and have held the position of Third Mate, Second Mate, Engineer and now Chief Mate. I am also a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and Tabor Academy and hold a 200 Near Coastal Master's License.
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4 Responses to Able Bodied Seaman – David Goldman (Goldie)

  1. Chelsie says:

    Looking very salty sir. Keep up the good work! . I’m not even sure if you know you’re on the internet???

  2. I told him about it. He has never actually seen this blog before though.

  3. Cool, didn’t know the Niagara had a website until now… I happened to have painted a very small picture of you, although I didn’t know who you were until now. It’s okay, really, I’m not a weirdo, or anything. It’s just that I snapped a picture of you last year when you sailed into Port Washington, WI, I thought it was interesting, so I painted it. Well, smooth sailing, David! What a fun and interesting summer you must have.

  4. It was very interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

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