Christmas Tree

So Rob and I with the help of Goldie and Sam put the christmas tree up on top of our main topmast today which is currently housed.  This involved climbing up to this part of the ship.  Luckily Rob was thinking ahead and left a piece of dacron there for us to climb from the fighting top to the main mast cap.  In the fall it seemed like a great idea until we were standing on the fighting top looking the rope and the ice that was up there. 

Rob was able to shimmy up there rather easily but I was a slightly different story.  There was a gantline involved and some verbal encourage given by Rob but as the picture will show we both made it up there and seeing as I’m typing this now we both made it back down. 

I hope everyone enjoys the christmas tree event tonight.  I will post somes pictures of the ship with all the lights lit soon.100_71321

About Billy Sabatini

I am the Chief Mate of the US Brig Niagara. I've been sailing on Niagara since 2005 and have held the position of Third Mate, Second Mate, Engineer and now Chief Mate. I am also a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and Tabor Academy and hold a 200 Near Coastal Master's License.
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