Block Strops

While we are working on the fore shrouds we have also been working on servicing blocks that came off the gaff. 

First, we take the old strop off and refinish the block with a boiled linseed oil and turpentine mix.oiled-blocks1

Second, we repair any of the service that has gone bad one the strop.  In this case it was decided to replace all of the service.


Third, we set up the block in the strop in the rigger’s vice.  The block is tied down to the vice, which seats it in the bottom of the strop.  There is also a tackle above the vice to strech out the strop.  It is important that the seizing goes on the end of the block where the line is going to be rove through.  From this position you can put the round seizing around the 2 parts of the strop to hold the block in.


And this is what our final product looks like:


Come on down some Saturday and we can teach this to you.

About Billy Sabatini

I am the Chief Mate of the US Brig Niagara. I've been sailing on Niagara since 2005 and have held the position of Third Mate, Second Mate, Engineer and now Chief Mate. I am also a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and Tabor Academy and hold a 200 Near Coastal Master's License.
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