2008 Fall Maintenance Work Party Schedule

Work Schedule October 25- December 31, 2008


Saturday, October 25: Depending on how many service-learning students and how many volunteers show up, we will work on the following in order of priority:

1.       Deckwash/ below-decks clean up

2.       Continue stripping Cutter II

3.       Start replacement/ construction of new fore shrouds & introductory class- (describe plan)

4.       Continue varnishing spars

5.       Remove all navigation electronics

6.       Winterize prop shafts

Saturday, November 1

1.       Deckwash/ below-decks clean-up

2.       Vacuum bilges, install bilge lights, inspect/ repair bilge fans, install heaters

3.       Winterize engines, generators, water maker, compass, batteries, potable water tanks, heads

4.       Paint lower yards

5.       Continue varnish/oil/paint Cutter II

6.       Continue fore shrouds

Saturday, November 8

1.       Start servicing tops’l yards & gear

2.       Continue fore shrouds

Saturday, November 15

1.       Continue cutter II

2.       Continue tops’l yards & gear

Saturday, November 22

1.       Start Cutter I

2.       Start servicing T’gallant yards

Sunday, November 23 through Monday, December 1


Saturday, December 6 (Schedule gets much more tentative from this point forward):

1.       Continue Cutter I, prep & varnish flying jibboom, start servicing pallets.

2.       Birthday Bash at Kathy Coleman’s House, after work till ?

Saturday, December 13: Evening Christmas Tree Ship event on ship. Install tops on new foremast (very tentative). Continue Cutter I

Tuesday, December 16: Dress Foremast (very tentative)

Wednesday, December 17: Crane Day (very tentative)

Thursday, December 18: Cut, Cap, Seize & Tune Shrouds

Friday, December 19: Cut, Cap, Seize & Tune Shrouds

Saturday, December 20: Tune Shrouds,  1st ever “Bad Christmas Sweater Christmas Party” & Farewell to Goldie & Sam at the Heerssen house!

December 21, 2008- January 2, 2009: All Hands Off

Work Party Jan. 10, 2009 (details later)

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1 Response to 2008 Fall Maintenance Work Party Schedule

  1. Hi. I have a page on historic sailing ships that features an archival photo from 1913 of the Niagra in Put-in-Bay. (I obtained that photo from Wikipedia.) But it doesn’t really do justice to the Niagra, because it’s in black and white.

    I see you have a lot of photos on your main site. Would it be OK to add some of them to my page? Of course, I would be happy to give photo credits and a link to your site.

    If it’s OK to use the photos, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment on my Tall Sailing Ships of Yesteryear page.


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