Ware Ship Animation Video

Here’s a great animated description of how to ware the Niagara. Senior Captain Walter Rybka worked many hours burning the midnight oil consulting and providing guidance toward the production of this animated short film. Many thanks to Edinboro University and the production team who made this film possible.

To ware a ship is to turn it away from the eye of the wind, sail off the wind, allow the wind to cross the stern of the ship, and continue turning until the wind comes from the opposite angle from where it was upon beginning the maneuver. In short, it’s like a gybe (or jibe). You turn the ship around to go the other way, but you turn downwind and through the wind that way, instead of turning into the wind and letting the bow cross the eye of the wind.

Here is the animated explanation, check it out and see why an animation makes understanding the maneuver so much easier!

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2 Responses to Ware Ship Animation Video

  1. Ronald Johnson says:

    wonderful, just simply wonderful. thank you so much. How I wish I could be at that time in history. You lucky people to be able to take part in this. enjoy something that most people can just dream about. You all are so lucky

  2. E. Busa says:

    Thank you for posting this video. As a future day sail participant, I appreciate the opportunity to hear the sailing language that I will hear during my day sail experience.

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