Erie to Cleveland

July 10 to July 16, 2006

 On July 10th we departed Erie toward Cleveland, Ohio. Although the passage was expected to be less than two days, we had provisions onboard for nearly a week. We had loaded about five tons of ship’s tools, equipment, and supplies including two cords of firewood to supply the wood stove for the summer and over a thousand gallons of diesel fuel intended to last at least as far as Bay City, MI, the port after


As luck would have it, the passage began with the wind from the west-southwest- right on the nose and it built to 22 knots by mid afternoon. The day was consumed with getting the crew settled into watches, reefing topsails, and establishing the underway routine. By early evening the wind had veered to the west north-west and diminished to a comfortable 10-15 knots. So our first course sent us out into the middle of the lake on a port tack, then we tacked toward Cleveland in the evening.


We sailed through the night, but by dawn the breeze had all but died. At breakfast we were forced to fire up main engines and motor hard to arrive in Cleveland on time. Shortly after breakfast we held fire and abandon ship drills through the morning watch and spent the afternoon preparing for port arrival. We had to arrive in Cleveland before the scheduled grand arrival and parade of sail because the docking arrangement required some creativity to make the ship and her brows lie appropriately on the dock. We sorted out the details that afternoon and the following morning before getting underway on July 12th for a 3pm parade of sail.


The port visit was a bit crazy. The ship was accompanied by eleven other traditional vessels at the Cleveland Tallships Festival. The late afternoon arrival and parade meant that we would have to work late into the evening and the following morning to have the ship ready for tours on time.


We saw an average of 4,600 visitors per day over a four-day event for a total of about 18,000 visitors. Getting to a hardware store or out for laundry or galley provisioning proved difficult due to congestion at the festival and no access to the ship with a vehicle during daylight hours due to security measure in place on the festival grounds. The festival was a hard-earned, yet enjoyable success.

Erie to Cleveland:

Total Distance: 92 NM

Total Time of Passage: 29.5 hours

Average Speed: 3.1 knots

Distance Sailed: 48 NM (52%)

Distance Motored: 44 NM (48%)

Sailing Time: 20 hours (69%)

Motoring Time: 9.5 hours (31%)

Time at Anchor: 0 hours (0%)

Time at Other Port (Safe Harbor): 0 hours (0%)

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1 Response to Erie to Cleveland

  1. Roger DeYoung says:

    I visited the festival that weekend. In the
    future, I will ask if assistance is needed in
    provisions, as I had a car handy. I wonder if
    this would have been helpful.

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